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Tackle any scanning challenge that comes your way

Powered by Zebra’s proprietary DataCapture DNA, you’ll have the ability to decipher multiple codes at once while pinpointing hard-to-read individual codes in cluttered environments.


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ZEBRA Refurbished

ZEBRA Scanner

From hospitals and retail spaces to warehouses and manufacturing plants. Zebra Technologies barcode scanners are perfect for any vertical market.

Improve Efficiency

Zebra Technologies can help speed up checkouts, improve inventory tracking, and more. For any business task that requires a scanner, there is a Zebra Technologies option to get the job done efficiently.

ZEBRA Keyboard

Zebra’s Enterprise Keyboards are designed for enterprise users and come with an array of features so you can enter accurate data quickly.

High Level Support

Simultaneous support for two carriers is ideal for workers that travel to areas better served by different carriers.


As Zebra’s largest partner we sell and supply Zebra’s entire range of barcode scanners and readers. From laser to imager, corded to cordless, handheld to hands-free, we are sure you’ll find a scanner to suit your needs. Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners provide trusted decode performance to automatically track and trace items from production through distribution. Identify every part and package with a model for every application, and upgradeable features allow you to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Everything a business needs to keep a Zebra scanner running optimally is available with high-quality scanner accessories. These include batteries, cables, adapters, mounts, brackets, stands, and more.