Panasonic is Europe’s leading manufacturer of rugged notebooks and is famous for its TOUGHBOOK® range. If you’re looking for durability and resilience in all working environments, then this is the hardware you need.

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We serve businesses around the globe with state-of-the-art ruggedized hardware for even the toughest workplaces and environments.

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We specialize in refurbished laptops, tablets, Toughbooks etc., These are computers that have been thoroughly checked, tested and verified by a team of experts to function to the highest standards. So you’re getting good as new performance at great value prices.The benefits of buying refurbished computers are not only the savings you can make for your bottom line, but for the planet too. By choosing refurbished computers, you help to reduce electronic waste and thus contribute to a growing circular economy while reducing your business’s footprint.
“All our refurbished products have all been tested and verified to function properly and are free of any defects whatsoever. They present an excellent opportunity to save money as well as the environment."
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Buy new ruggedized Panasonic laptops. These computers are specifically designed to operate reliably in extreme temperatures or tough and harsh usage environments. Ruggedized computers are engineered to withstand shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and electromagnetic interference.

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Refurbished rugged hardware

When you buy refurbished computers and laptops you’re making a wise investment. Here, at Micro Nordic, we stock only the highest quality refurbished ruggedized laptops, tablets and other handheld computers. Refurbished devices are those that have been sold before but have been returned to the manufacturer for some reason. These products have all been tested and verified to function at the highest standards. You can be confident that when you buy a refurbished computer, you’re buying a great value product at a near new quality. See all products here.