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GETAC Tablets

Getac provides the biggest and one of the most powerfull tablets to date.

If your team need tablets that are large and powerfull then look no further. Here you can get the award winning tablet from Getac.

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GETAC Tablets

Beginning in 1989, Getac set out to design rugged laptops and tablets ready to meet the many environmental challenges and mission critical applications of their varied customers.

Getac Toughbook line of laptops is one of the most recognizable lines of military grade laptops in the world. These devices are chosen by the military, police, fire departments, construction companies, and other businesses in tough industries.

GETAC Tablets

Getac rugged tablets are ideal for front line workers that need the computing power of an enterprise grade computer and the versatility of a tablet.

With a military pedigree, they combined ruggedness with processing power and soon began producing fully rugged laptop computers for public safety, combat, and field service environments.

Understanding the requirement for both ruggedness and portability, GETAC began producing a new lightweight magnesium alloy chassis while still meeting the demands of shock, vibration, IP65 and NEMA 4 ratings.

Getac have consistently delivered industry firsts in rugged technology innovation for over 30 years. Working closely with customers and partners getac has the capability to develop and deliver technology which meets the needs of the end-user, in even the harshest conditions.

GETAC devices have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry and because of that they offer 3 year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty cover as standard.

If your work relies on uptime, you can rely on Getac.

Their complete line of ruggedized mobile computing solutions are engineered to withstand harsh and dangerous environments.

If the tablet is dropped up to 6 feed the tablet remain fully operational. Find options for rugged tablets that stand up to rain, dust, shock, and vibration, all while keeping you connected and secure.

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