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Zebra TC51 TC510K Mobile Handheld Computer (Refurbished)


  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Snapdragon 650 64-bit hexa-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex A72, power optimization
  • Standard: 2GB RAM/16GB Flash Optional: 4GB RAM/32GB Flash
  • SE4710 imager (1D and 2D) with extraordinary range: Scan range – Code 39 barcode: 20 Mil: 2.0 in. to 30.0 in./5.08 cm to 76.2 cm 4 Mil: 3.3 in. to 8.8 in./8.4 cm to 22.4 cm
  • 5.0 in. High Definition (1280 x 720); exceptionally bright, outdoor viewable; optically bonded to touch panel
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion, PowerPrecision+, > 15.48 Watt hours, > 4150 mAh, improved battery metrics for better battery management, fast charging (up to 2.4 A)
  • Multiple 6 ft. drops to concrete with the rugged boot accessory per Mil STD 810 G; Multiple 4 ft/1.2m drops to tile over concrete without rugged boot accessory -10°C to 50oC (14°F to 122°F)
  • Rear — 13 MP autofocus; f/2.4 aperture; rear camera flash LED generates balanced white light; supports Torch mode
  • Dimensions 6.1 in. L x 2.9 in. W x 0.73 in. H 155 mm L x 75.5 mm W x 18.6 mm H Weight 8.8 oz./249 g with battery


Elevate your business operations with the Zebra TC51, a cutting-edge touch computer designed to redefine productivity and streamline workflows in today’s fast-paced business landscape. From the retail floor to the warehouse and beyond, the TC51 empowers your workforce with smart features and rugged reliability.

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Zebra TC51 TC510K – Rugged Touch Computer (Refurbished)

Today’s workers want a device that is every bit as contemporary and easy to use as the smartphone they use every day.

You need a device that will last for years, built for all-day every day enterprise use, with all the features you need to enable your workers to achieve peak productivity and keep your data secure.

Now you can have it all with the TC51 Touch Computer from Zebra.

No more compromising device design for enterprise functionality “” or enterprise functionality for device design.

Built for the new business world, you get an industrial design that looks and feels like the most popular pocketable consumer-style smartphones to meet worker expectations, along with the durability, enterprise-class features, power, security and manageability your business requires.

And with many unique Zebra-only features, you get a touch computer that is truly in a class of its own. The TC51 is the next evolution in enterprise touch computing.

Key Features:

  1. Vivid Touchscreen Display: The TC51 boasts a brilliant 5-inch touchscreen display, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Navigate applications, view data, and interact with ease, enhancing overall user experience.

  2. Rugged and Reliable: Built to endure the demands of daily business activities, the TC-51 is rugged and reliable. With drop resistance and a robust design, it stands up to the challenges of various work environments, ensuring continuous operation.

  3. Advanced Data Capture: Featuring advanced barcode scanning technology, the TC-51 excels in data capture tasks. From product barcodes to inventory management, the device accelerates workflows with precision scanning capabilities.

  4. Android Operating System: Embrace the power of the Android operating system for unparalleled flexibility and familiarity. The TC-51 seamlessly integrates into your existing ecosystem, supporting a wide range of applications for diverse business needs.

  5. Enterprise-Grade Security: Security is paramount. The TC-51 is equipped with enterprise-grade security features, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards.

  6. Efficient Communication: Stay connected in real-time with the TC-51’s robust communication capabilities. From voice calls to messaging, the device keeps your workforce connected for seamless collaboration.


  • Retail: Transform the retail experience with quick and accurate inventory management, price checks, and customer engagement.

  • Warehousing: Optimize warehouse operations with efficient barcode scanning, inventory tracking, and task management.

  • Field Services: Empower field workers with a versatile device for data collection, route optimization, and real-time communication.

  • Healthcare: Enhance patient care with secure access to medical records, medication administration, and communication among healthcare staff.


Part numbers
TC510K-1PAZU2P-A6 | TC510K-2PAZU2P-A6 | TC510K-1PAZU4P-A6 | TC510K-2PAZU4P-US | TC510K-1HDZU2P-A6 | TC510K-1HDZU4P-A6 | TC510K-2PAZU4P-A6 | TC510K-2PAZU2P-US | TC510K-2HDZU4P-A6 | TC510K-1PAZU4P-IA | TC510K-1PAZU2P-US | TC510K-2HDZU4P-A6 | TC510K-2HDZU2P-A6 | TC510K-1PAZU4P-US

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