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Zebra MC3300 – Mobile Handheld Computer (Refurbished)


  • Android
  • Qualcomm® APQ8056, 1.8GHz Hex-Core, 64-bit with power optimization
  • 2GB/16GB Standard
  • Display 4.0 inch capacitive; WVGA; color
  • MC3300 Brick/Straight Shooter (0° Scan): SE965 1D, SE4750SR 2D, SE4770 2D, SE4850 ERI
  • USB 2.0 High Speed (host and client), WLAN and Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion: standard (1X) 2740 mAh; High Capacity (2X) 5200 mAh; Fast charging with the new accessories
  • Rear Camera 13MP with Flash
  • Numeric (29 Key), Function Numeric (38 Key), Alpha Numeric (47 Key) – Two programmable side scan keys
  • Dimensions: 7.96 in. L x 2.94 in. W x 1.35 in. D 202.2 mm L x 74.7 mm W x 34.5 mm D – 375g

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Zebra MC3300

The Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer is the next generation of highly successful MC3000 series, offering everything you need to run your current terminal emulation applications right out of the box. With the Android operating system, provide a well proven mobility platform.

The best-in-class device delivers the lightest and most ergonomic design, the biggest touchscreen, the most keypad options, unmatched scanning performance and range, the fastest processor, the most memory, the fastest wireless connection and plenty more.

When it comes to delivering real-world productivity, the Zebra MC3300 is the real deal. Push-to-talk capabilities and Wi-Fi-enabled WorkForce Connect mean colleagues can communicate instantly, from the back of the store to the front.

Hot-swap batteries virtually eliminate downtime, so your workforce can literally power through shifts.  The MC3300 is efficiency, connectivity and productivity in one innovative package. And, it’s all backed by Zebra’s unrivaled OneCare support.

Retail Inventory Management: The MC3300 is well-suited for retail environments where accurate inventory management is crucial. Retail associates can use the device to scan barcodes, update inventory levels, and track stock movements in real-time. This ensures that shelves are well-stocked, reduces errors, and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Manufacturing and Logistics: In manufacturing and logistics settings, the MC3300 can be used for tasks such as order picking, packing, and shipping. Its rugged design allows it to withstand the rigors of warehouse environments, and the advanced scanning capabilities contribute to efficient tracking and management of goods throughout the supply chain.

Field Service Operations: Field service technicians can benefit from the MC3300’s mobility and durability. Whether they are performing equipment inspections, conducting maintenance, or updating service records, the device helps field personnel stay connected and ensures accurate data capture in various outdoor and indoor environments.

Healthcare Asset Tracking: In healthcare settings, the MC3300 can be utilized for asset tracking, managing medical inventory, and improving overall operational efficiency. Healthcare professionals can easily scan barcodes on medical equipment, medications, and patient records, reducing errors and ensuring that critical assets are where they need to be.

Warehouse Management: The MC3300 excels in warehouse management applications. Workers can use the device for tasks such as cycle counting, order fulfillment, and receiving. Its adaptability to different form factors, including touchscreen and physical keypad options, makes it suitable for various warehouse workflows.

Event and Hospitality Management: In event and hospitality settings, the MC3300 can be used for ticket scanning, access control, and inventory management. Whether it’s a large-scale conference, concert, or hospitality event, the device helps organizers streamline operations and enhance guest experiences.


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