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Zebra TC8300 – Handheld Mobile Computer (Refurbished.)

Zebra took the world’s most revolutionary enterprise touch computer design and made it better – the new Zebra TC8300. You get the ultimate Android platform for business, providing workers with the lightning-fast application performance and device availability. 

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Zebra TC8300

We took the world’s most revolutionary enterprise touch computer design and added the ultimate feature set that delivers it all. Maximum application performance. Maximum ease of use. Maximum data capture options. Maximum ease of migration to Android. Maximum security.

Maximum manageability. All in the same revolutionary design with unprecedented ergonomics that minimize motion, providing your workers with superior comfort – and a 14%* boost in workforce productivity.

We took all the pain out of migrating to Android — Terminal Emulation (TE) apps work on the Zebra TC8300, right out of the box. No backend modification or user training required. And with All-touch Terminal Emulation (TE) pre-loaded and pre-licensed, you can easily turn ‘green screens’ into interactive and intuitive touch screens – no coding required.

Zebra TC8300 – Comprehensive data capture capabilities

Capture 1D, 2D and direct part mark barcodes. The Extended Range Imager provides an extraordinary scanning range — from 3 in./7.62 cm to 70 ft./21.4m. A proximity sensor enables comfortable short-range hands-free scanning. And the optional 13 MP color camera captures high resolution photos and videos and provides support for augmented reality.

The ultra-powerful processor and large memory space deliver instant app response times. The most advanced WiFi technologies provide ultra-fast and highly reliable WiFi connections. The latest Bluetooth technology provides superior peripheral performance — from printers to headsets.





Part numbers
TC83BH-6206A710RW | TC83BH-3206A710RW | TC83BH-6205A710RW | TC83B0-6005A510RW | TC83B0-4005A610RW | TC83B0-5005A610RW | TC83BH-3205A710RW | TC83B0-3005A61CRW

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