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If you are in the field or on the move, then a Rugged Tablet is an essential piece of equipment.

We know accidents happen, especially in rough, fast paced environments. We also know that the cost of replacing and repairing hardware can play havoc with your bottom line.

Rugged tablets are defined by their tough outer shell that can withstand not only the drops and jolts of the working day, but extreme temperature variations, from -30 to +60 degrees C. Rugged tablets hold a military-grade IP68 protection certificate and can run on both Windows and Android platforms.

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When it comes to rugged tablets, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets are among the most well-renowned and resilient tablets in the industry. Equipped with military-grade rugged hardware, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets are designed to perform in the most demanding environments. 

Getac rugged tablets are ideal for front line workers that need the computing power of an enterprise grade computer and the versatility of a tablet.

Their complete line of ruggedized mobile computing solutions is engineered to withstand dangerous and harsh environments for professionals in various industries, including defense, public safety, manufacturing, and more. They are also built to endure and remain fully operational after drops of up to 6 feet.

Dell’s Latitude range of ruggedized hardware has been trained and tested at some of the world’s toughest jobs and most hazardous environments. Latitudes are built smart and durable to ensure you never have to slow down.

About our Rugged Tablets

Our Rugged Tablets are designed to withstand extreme conditions and environments. They are fully operational in freezing temperatures as well as blazing heat. If your workplace is exposed to harsh environments where vibrations, dust and varying temperatures are present you need a device that won’t slow you or your team down.

All our ruggedized Tablets can withstand drops, shocks, vibrations, and electromagnetic interference. Rugged Tablets are engineered from the inside-out to be waterproof. They also comply with the highest performance standards and governmental grade security.

We specialize in both new ruggedized hardware and refurbished rugged products. All our refurbished products have been thoroughly tested to ensure zero defects and fully operational capabilities. So you can be assured that you’ll get high quality hardware at great prices.

Refurbished Ruggedized Tablets are a great investment not only for your bottom line, but for a more sustainable ecology of computing too. By their nature, ruggedized tablets are long lasting devices, meaning you won’t have to constantly replace your equipment or call out technicians. This also cuts down on your business’ waste, and so by purchasing high quality refurbished tablets, you reduce your environmental footprint.