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Zebra Motorola TC75x TC75EK - Mobile Handheld Computer (Refurbished).

Zebra Motorola TC75x TC75EK - Mobile Handheld Computer (Refurbished).

Part Details: Mobile Computer – Zebra TC75x – Android OS – GMS – 2D Imager – 4620 mAh Standard Battery – WWAN – 2GB RAM/16GB Flash – IP65 – Phone-size – Wi-Fi/Bluetooth – 2 Nano SIM/ 1 SAM – SE4750 SR + 13MP Rear Cam (QC 8×56) – 4.7″ display w/capacitive touch panel – 1 microSD – Ecompass – Handstrap – NFC – Operator Generic – ROW.Interface Cables and Cradles Sold Separately – (Part# CRD-TC7X-SE2CPP-01) 2-Slot Charge Only – ShareCradle for 1x TC70 & 1x Spare Battery – Requires power supply (Part# PWR-BGA12V50W0WW) – DC line cord (Part# CBL-DC-388A1-01) and AC line cord (Part# 23844-00-00R) – TC7X 5-SLOT Ethernet SHARECRADLE (Part# CRD-TC7X-SE5C1-01) – CHARGES EITHER 5 TC70S OR 4 TC70S + 4 SPARE BATTERIES VIA ADAPTER CUP


TC75FK-22B24AD-A6, , TC75FK-22B22AD-A6,  TC75GK-2MB22AD-A6,  TC75GK-2MF22AD-A6,  TC75AH-GA11ES-A1

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Zebra Motorola TC75x TC75EK – Mobile Handheld Computer (Refurbished)

Zebra’s TC75x Enterprise Touch Computer delivers it all. The TC75x has a rugged design for reliable everyday operation in the most demanding outdoor environments.

With the TC75x, you have a choice of Android operating systems, with or without Google Mobile Services (GMS).

Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx), a series of features that make Android a more robust enterprise-class operating system.

Zebra Motorola TC75x

The TC75x provides the ability to capture more types of data, faster than ever before – from 1D and 2D barcodes to photos, videos, NFC tags and all the data on a document – with the press of one button.

Instant push-to-talk communications with co-workers out in the field – and back in the office.

Support for up three SIM cards to enable connection to as many as three different 4G/LTE or GSM networks – ideal for workers who cover multiple counties and/or countries.

Empower your field teams with a true mobile office with Zebra TC75 Series – the right device makes all the difference..

Part numbers
TC75FK-22B24AD-A6 | TC75EK-22B22AB-US | TC75FK-22B22AD-A6 | TC75FK-22B22AD-ID | TC75FK-22B22AD-IA | TC75GK-2MB22AD-A6 | TC75FK-2MB22AD-TW | TC75FK-2MB22AD-ID | TC75GK-2MF22AD-A6 | TC75EK-22B22AF-US | TC75EK-2MB22AF-US | TC75AH-GA11ES-A1

Part Number

TC75FK-22B24AD-A6, TC75EK-22B22AB-US, TC75FK-22B22AD-A6, TC75FK-22B22AD-ID, TC75FK-22B22AD-IA, TC75GK-2MB22AD-A6, TC75FK-2MB22AD-TW, TC75FK-2MB22AD-ID, TC75GK-2MF22AD-A6, TC75EK-22B22AF-US, TC75EK-2MB22AF-US, TC75AH-GA11ES-A1