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ZEBRA Printers

The Zebra models are the Best in Class desktop thermal printers with the widest range of features.

Zebra printers provides direct thermal printing from speeds between 4 ips and up to 6 ips, and between 203 dpi to 300 dpi print density.

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ZEBRA Printer

ZEBRA Scanners

The scanner’s Intellistand seamlessly accommodates both counter top and hand-held use.

ZEBRA Printer

Invest in ZEBRA Printer and you will get the best equipment for label printing

ZEBRA Keyboard

Easy end-to-end control of the OS update process, plus support for future versions of Android.

Take customer service to the next level by delivering everything your workers need to achieve peak efficiency, with trouble-free reliability.

The printers provides direct thermal printing at speeds up to 6 ips at a 203 dpi print density.

They also provide direct thermal printing at speeds up to 4 ips at a 300 dpi print density.

The Zebra models support ZPLTM and EPLTM Zebra printer programming languages and a wide variety of interface and feature options.

The Zebra models features: Automatic printer language detection and switching between ZPL and EPL programming and label formats, OpenAccessTM design for simplified media loading, The industry’s easiest ribbon loading design, Color-coded operator controls and media guides, On–The –Fly OpenType and TrueType font scaling and import, Unicode, preloaded Swiss.

Zebra Global Printing Solution supports Microsoft Windows keyboard encoding (and ANSI), Unicode UTF-8 and UTF 16 (Unicode Transformation Formats), XML, ASCII (7 and 8 bit used by legacy programs and systems), basic single and double byte font encoding, JIS and Shift-JIS (Japanese International Standards), Hexadecimal encoding, and custom character mapping (DAT table creation, font linking, and character remapping).

The Zebra printers comes with improved printer performance: faster print speeds and a 32-bit processor and Adaptive auto serial port cable sensing and configuration for plug-and-play integration with printhead test and maintenance reporting enabled and customizable by the user.

Your printer, when connected to a host computer, functions as a complete system for printing labels and tags