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ZEBRA Printers

High Quality Thermal Printers with a Wide Range of Features

Zebra printers provide direct thermal printing from speeds between 4 ips and up to 6 ips, and between 203 dpi to 300 dpi print density.

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ZEBRA Printer


The Zebra models support ZPLTM and EPLTM Zebra printer programming languages and a wide variety of interface and feature options.

ZEBRA Features

Automatic printer language detection and switching between ZPL and EPL programming and label formats; OpenAccessTM design for simplified media loading; The industry’s easiest ribbon loading design; Color-coded operator controls and media guides; On–The –Fly OpenType and TrueType font scaling and import; Unicode, preloaded Swiss.

ZEBRA Support

Zebra Global Printing Solution supports Microsoft Windows keyboard encoding (and ANSI), Unicode UTF-8 and UTF 16 (Unicode Transformation Formats), XML, ASCII (7 and 8 bit used by legacy programs and systems), basic single and double byte font encoding, JIS and Shift-JIS (Japanese International Standards), Hexadecimal encoding, and custom character mapping (DAT table creation, font linking, and character remapping).

ZEBRA Performance

The Zebra printers come with improved printer performance: faster print speeds and a 32-bit processor. Adaptive auto serial port cable sensing and configuration for plug-and-play integration with printhead test and maintenance reporting enabled and customizable by the user.