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Android Tablets

The bedst Android tablets from Panasonic

If you need the bedst android rugged tablet you need to buy a Panasonic. This tablets is build for business, and build for speed and longtime work in even the hardest condition.

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Panasonic Android Tablets

Panasonic Toughbooks

The devies also have easy access to devices or secondary screens and accessories Latest generation of Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors for high performance, security and reliability.

Panasonic Tablets

Panasonic ToughPad durable tablets are engineered with enterprise-grade security and can withstand drops, spills, dust and grime to perform in the harshest environments.

Panasonic FZ-55

The FZ-55 Model is available with an HD touchscreen, intel i5 processor, 19 hour battery and a big selection of modular accessories.

Panasonic Android

You can always find Android tablet here. New and refurbished ruggedized toughbook from Panasonic

The android TOUGHBOOKS tablets comes with a fully rugged and 10.1 inch displays.

With businesses increasingly turning to Android for their rugged mobile tablet and handheld needs, the TOUGHBOOKs are ideal for emergency services personnel, utilities and field service agents, as well as transport and logistics operators, and those working in automotive.

Ruggedness and ease of use counts when it comes to tough and mission critical tasks.

A tablet that breaks as soon as it’s dropped the first time can cause headaches that you don’t want and delays your business can’t afford.

Fortunately the range of TOUGHBOOK tablet PCs from Panasonic are here to help. With varied sizes and up to IP67 test ratings you’re sure to find an easy to use, professional and long lasting tablet here at The Barcode Warehouse Ltd.

Fully rugged, the device has a powerful battery life of 9 hours with standard batteries and 15.5 hours with optional large batteries with dual battery capability, is designed for use and easy viewing in all light and weather conditions and has a range of flexible ports options that can be configured to meet the mobile workforce’s needs.

The TOUGHBOOK tablets are equipped to help mobile workers combat the toughest tasks in the field.

It is water and dust resistant (IP65) and drop tested to an increased 1.5 meters.

The tablet also supports Panasonic COMPASS 2.0, the suite of enterprise management tools for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets and handheld devices running the Android operating.