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DatAshur PRO

Istorage Dat Ashur PRO

The iStorage datAshur PRO, an ultra secure and easy to use, hardware encrypted USB 3.0 PIN activated flash drive.

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Istorage DatAshur PRO

The datAshur PRO has attained FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification by NIST (certificate no 2688).

This is a high level US govern- ment accreditation and means the product has passed numerous tests relating to the encryption algorithm and tamper-evi- dence as well as to thwart attacks directed at the Critical Security Parameters.

The datAshur PRO uses military grade AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, which encrypts all data stored on the drive in real-time. The datAshur PRO requires no software and is OS and host independent.

The datAshur PRO incorporates a rechargeable battery allowing the user to enter a 7-15 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) onto the on-board keypad before connecting the drive to a USB port.

Should the drive be lost or stolen, the user can rest assured that all data held on the datAshur PRO is safe and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person.

The datAshur PRO can be configured with both a User and Admin PIN, making it perfect for corporate and government deployment.

As the iStorage datAshur PRO is unlocked via the onboard keypad and not a host computer, it is not vulnerable to software/hardware based key-loggers or brute force attacks.

iStorage datAshur BT

Android and iOS secure wireless user-authentication via an encrypted Bluetooth® channel between the phone and the drive.

Nosoftware or driver is required to use the personal2 it is tamperproof and supports admin and user independent PINs.

iStorage datAshur PRO

Can work with Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, scanners, printers and almost any device with at USB or USB OTC port.

iStorage datAshur PRO2

When you disconnect the drive, all data is encrypted,full disk encryption. You don’t need any software to use it.

iStorage datAshur SD

Insert iStorage microSD Card into the datAshur SD Card slot, enter your 8-64 digit PIN to authenticate and use as a normal flash drive.

iStorage diskAshur M2

New, ultraportable, rugged and sleek design, incorporating the most advanced security attribute

iStorage diskAshur2

Allows you to safeguard valuable and sensitive data to ensure compliance with stringent data protection and confidentiality regulations and directives, such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, CCPA and more.

iStorage diskAshur PRO2

Advanced protection against physical attacks, including Active Shield, Enhance Protection Object, CStack checker, Slope Detector and Parity Errors.

iStorage MicroSD card

Required in varying capacities, offering unlimited and economical encrypted data storage. Available capacities: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.